Success and Failures

Three cases of suicide in the last 5 months in IIT Kharagpur sum up what the education system of the country has done to the youth.

Survey reports show that every hour, one student commits suicide, of which 70% are teenagers. Reasons reported are many, may it be pressure due to studies, domestic abuse or the most common these days – stress due to exams, bullying and peer pressure, all these leads to a common result. SUICIDE.

Everyone today talks about success and how to achieve it. No one talks about failures, Why? Failures are the first step towards success. Not everyone is so lucky to succeed in the very first time. One has to go through failures and learn from them. But what happens in a society where no one tells that how important failure is and how to deal with it? What happens to a generation which is always taught how to be at the top?

That’s what is happening in India. Nobody tells how to deal with failures or how to take lessons from it and try harder. All everyone is behind is how to be number one, without realizing not everyone can be number one, and hence the youth should be prepared mentally how to get hold of themselves when failures hit. The ant story of it failing to climb up and failing several time before it actually climbs has lost its existence and no one talks about it anymore. In fact there’s a new story being told these days which is somewhat like- You are competing with millions and billions and if you don’t win, you’ll be among the rest, just someone among the crowd who didn’t achieve their goal.

And what happens when a person doesn’t win? This kind of mindset created by the society makes a person think that he has lost everything and goes into depression. Even a 10th class board examination, which is not as big as the hype is created by the society feels like the whole life lost when not scored good in. The saying that ‘These are just board exams and life will have much more greater exams so don’t worry about it’ has changed to ‘These are BOARD EXAMS and will make or break your future.’

Obviously the person feels the heat and gets under pressure. This is something really wrong happening in the society and has to be changed. The success stories of people who failed several times before finally succeeding in their work are not less. The young generation need to be taught these in order to make them strong. To look at the failures in a positive way and to bounce back if failed once.

  • A team of people providing help to depressed people undergoing failures should be made along with a helpline where any person who feels low can contact these and these people could bring in the lost confidence in him/her, without even taking his/her identity. This can help as people are now a days hesitant to reveal depressive thoughts to a known person, so if they talk anonymously, maybe they step up and express what is going through their mind instead of just keeping it within themselves and suffering from them alone.
  • Also providing the youth with a friendly atmosphere and not pressurizing them could help in a huge way to reduce the ‘Communication Gap’ this generation faces quite often.
  • Inspirational talks besides just studies can also help them stay positive.
  • Making people realize success and failures are just part of life and it is important to face them because a person who has failed in life, is the one who knows what it means to succeed.
  • The encouragement among students is important and sessions for doing the same should be introduced time to time.

The key is to keep confidence in yourself, faith in your journey and patience that you can do anything, if not today, maybe tomorrow but you surely can.

–  To all the students who couldn’t do well in their recent works, don’t make it an end,          take lessons, inspiration and make it a new starting. Running from problem isn’t a              solution, getting up and facing them is.